Season Document Change
 2017 PDF  MYC will be hosting a Wednesday night Grill & Chill on June 7th!  This Grill & Chill was mistakenly left off of the schedule, but rest assured that we will have one.
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MC fleet has a 4th Summer on Saturday, August 13 and 5th Summer on Sunday, August 14. The summer series are renumbered accordingly.
Saturday, July 16th, the 420 fleet will be racing the 10th Champ race (not the 7th Summer race).  This means that the Champ race on July 23rd will be the 11th Champ race (not the 10th).
Saturday, August 27th, the Cat fleet will be racing the 1st Burton Cup (not the 4th Summer race).
Tuesday, June 21st the A fleet will be racing the first two Summer Series races (not champ races).  This means the Summer series races on June 28th will be the 3rd and 4th Summer series (not 1 and 2).

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