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Weather Station   Light House Island
Current Information
08/30/11 04:40pm
8/30/2011: If you see a thermometer but no weather station gauges, try upgrading your flash and/or try another browser. We have seen independent problems with Flash 10.2 and Chrome 13.
6/10/2009: To verify the data is current, check the upper left corner, after MYC-LHI.  If it appears to be offline or the last update is wrong, feel free to notify the club manager.
4/21/2008: This requires the use of the free Adobe Flash Player Version 8 or higher to view the weather station.

  • Wind Direction Gauge: Red arrow indicates average wind direction
  • Wind Speed Gauge: Red arrow indicates maximum wind speed since midnight
  • Gust Speed Gauge: Red arrow indicates maximum gust since midnight
  • Gust Speed Gauge: Orange arrow indicates maximum gust in the last hour
  • If the wind speed is 0 mph and gusts are 255 mph, then the console has lost communication with the Weather Station (check solar or backup battery)
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