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MYC COVID-19 Update 5/8/20

Thanks Megan Hanley for the picture!

Your weekly Friday Minnetonka Yacht Club update is here! We will continue sending out a weekly Friday email with a list of updated services that are available. Unless a facility has been specifically declared as available, you should assume it is not available. We will be sending out notifications and cancellations of racing and events for a two week period as the situation is ever changing. We will also be including recommendations and limits for these services to provide a clearer picture of MYC functions in these rather uncertain times. This will also be sent out in the weekly membership email, so check for the status of MYC services.

As a club we are eager to get out on the water and out to the Islands, but please be patient as we work towards solutions to keep all of us and the community safe.

Immediate Cancellations

  • May 16, 17, 19 - MYC races are cancelled

  • May 23, 24, 25 - MYC races are TBD. Final answer by 5/15 with updated racing rules, courses, and policies

  • May 25 - Memorial Day Picnic is cancelled

Please continue to familiarize yourself with the Outdoor Recreation Guidelines, including maintaining at least six feet of separation between participants from different households.

MYC Marina amenities that are currently available as of May 8, 2020

  • CBF Parking Lot - Open

  • CBF Slips - Open

  • CBF Ramps - Open

  • CBF Docks - Open

  • CBF Porta Potty - Open

  • CBF Buoys - Open

  • Bug Island Lifts/Docks - Open

  • CBF Crane - Open, by online appointment only

  • CBF & Park Ave. Rowboats - Open, use at your own risk (see below)

  • The Minnetonka Yacht Club is still currently closed until further notice.

Please be on the look out for your next update no later than May 15th. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate through these new waters. We look forward to safely welcoming you to the Minnetonka Yacht Club facilities this season as we can safely open them.

CBF & Park Ave. Rowboat Usage MYC rowboats are available to MYC members to access their boat storage (CBF buoys and Bug Island lifts/dollies) and used at your own risk. MYC cannot maintain sanitized status for any boat or equipment in the boat, such as oars, seats, etc. Therefore, MYC members using the rowboat are urged to use personal protection items including gloves, masks, and sanitizing materials. MYC rowboats are used at your own risk. If a member does use a rowboat, it must be brought back to the dock prior to sailing. It is only for transportation to/from your boat storage and not to be held on a buoy or Bug Island dock.

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