Racing Results

2021 Trophy Results

Congratulations to MYC's 2021 Champions!  


Races or series that were not sailed in 2021 are not included on the list.  An "x" next to a trophy name means there is no trophy assigned to that race or series, or the trophy is missing. Trophies for the new M15 fleet will be available for distribution soon.  


If you think this list is not accurate for your fleet, please contact your fleet captain.

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SailTally Scoring Results

SailTally is the current scoring system developed and maintained by Hans Dickel used by the MYC for club racing.  If you have any questions about the results, contact the race management. 


Results: Club Racing 2010 to Present

Champ of Champ Results

These are the race results compiled by our own PRO Blake Middleton.

  • 2015 (Abandoned after 1 Race)