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Founded in 1882, MYC is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the country. Our mission is to have a diverse membership composed of sailors and social members of good character, and to promote and encourage sailing by providing our members and guests with a facility, services, and social events that meet and exceed our members' standards. Our membership is built on strong friendships, camaraderie, and loyalty to a longstanding tradition of excellence.

MYC's racing fleets include A Scows, E Scows, C Scows, MC Scows, Ynglings, Catamarans, Lasers, X Boats, Optimists, 420s, Melges 15s, and the Open Fleet. It is not only a place for sailors, but a landing spot for many who want to enjoy a club experience and participate in socials and club events.

There are four places to know at MYC: Light House Island, Carson's Bay Facility, Bug Island, and Park Avenue.

Light House Island (LHI) is where the MYC Clubhouse and Lake Minnetonka Sailing School (LMSS) are located. Most MYC events happen on LHI.

Bug (Tahoe) Island is where many of our racers store their boats during the summer. Lift and on-shore dinghy storage is available to our members.

Carson's Bay Facility (CBF) is located on Minnetonka Boulevard in Deephaven. It is our on-shore facility, office, and launch location. MYC has buoys for sailboats, motor boat slips, and a private parking lot for club members at CBF. The MYC pontoon shuttle runs from CBF to LHI and Bug Island.

Park Avenue is at the bottom of Park Avenue in Deephaven. It is a parking lot that members can use if you have a City of Deephaven parking permit. The MYC pontoon shuttle runs from Park Avenue to LHI and Bug Island.

The MYC pontoon will shuttle members and their guests from Carson's Bay and Park Avenue to LHI and Bug Island on weekdays from 4:00 p.m. to 30 minutes past sunset, and from 8:00 a.m. to 30 minutes past sunset on weekends and holidays.

Our sailing season runs from mid-May through mid-September. Fleets race Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. Our Wednesday series is followed by a weekly meal on LHI, open to all members and their guests. In addition to club races, MYC hosts a number of regattas every summer, adding to our robust sailing and social schedule.

The Minnetonka Yacht Club is a 501(c)(7) organization.

2022 Board of Directors

Flag Officers

Hans Zinn, Commodore
David Sime, Vice Commodore
Charlie Hurd, Treasurer
Hendrik Vroege, Secretary

Board Members

Ben Burgum
Judson Dayton
Mike Hanley
Chrisy Hughes
George Kennedy
John KlinkenbergJens Kottke
Hans LarsonJenny O'Connell
Matt van Wyk (LMSS Representative)Cindy Verant


Past Commodores

MYC remains active and vibrand with the broad support of volunteers in various capacities. The overall leadership falls on the shoulders of the Commodore. Here is the history of that legacy:

Scott Smith, 2019-21

Pat Hughes, 2017-19

Terry Jewett, 2016-17

Hans G. Dickel, 2014-15

Jason M. Ostbye, 2012-13

Harry Campbell III, 2011

Ray Haverstock, 2009-10

Carl Zinn, 2007-08

Jule Hannaford IV, 2005-06

Jeffrey P. Solum, 2003-04

Douglas J. McNaught, 2002

Lovable Bill Welch, 2000-01

Carol Kranz Gross, 1998-99

Thomas W. Burton, 1997

Charles E. Gorgen, 1995-96

William (Skip) M. Dickel, 1993-94

William J. Tomlinson, 1991-92

Peter C. Rogers, 1989-90

David. P. Gross, 1987-88

Thomas E. McCue, 1985-86

Harold (Bunny) G. Kuller, 1983-84

David W. Pratt, 1981-82

Peter S. Wattson, 1979-80

Thomas S Maple, Jr, 1978

Blake iddleto, 1976-66

Bradley M. Robinson, 1974-75

Donald C. Zinn, 1972-73

Stephen C. Wyer, 1971

Cecil C. Hurd Jr., 1970

Thomas A. Jamieson, 1969

Douglas H. Peterson, 1968

Donald P. Gamble Jr., 1967

Thomas L. Warner, 1966

Carl (Cully) V. Carlson Jr., 1965

Nathaniel Robbins Jr. 1963-64

Russell M. Bennett II, 1962

David G. Wyer, 1960-61

John W. Hut, 1959

John E. Haines, 1958

Sewall D. Andrews Jr., 1956-57

Erle B. Savage Jr., 1954-55

F.H. Chute, 1953

John W. Hunt, 1951-52

John Savage, 1949-50

Richard E. Crawford, 1948

John S. Pillsbury Jr., 1947

DeWalt H. Ankeny, 1945-46

Charles W. Cole, 1943-44

DeWalt H. Ankeny, 1942

Frederick C. Lyman, 1940-41

Charles H. Bell, 1939

Eugene J. Gluek, 1937-38

Harold O. Hunt, 1936

Dana Stone, 1932-35

James Ford Bell, 1930-31

John S. Pillsbury Jr., 1928-29

Sewall D. Andrews, 1925-27

Elbert L. Carpenter, 1919-24

Charles C. Bovey, 1917-18

Ward C. Burton, 1916

Fred R. Salisbury, 1914-15

Erle B. Savage, 1912-13

Ward C. Burton, 1911

Charles A. Vandever, 1910

William D. Sammiss, 1909

Frederick Fayram, 1907-08

Russell M. Bennett, 1906

Lucian Swift, 1901-05

Frederick Fayram, 1900

Fred J. Hopkins, 1898-99

Lester C. Brooks, 1897

William H. Dunwoody, 1895-96

William Peet Jr., 1894

Thomas B. Janney, 1893

Charles B. Eustis, 1892

Hazen J. Burton, 1891

Edmund J. Phelps, 1889-90

Charles McC. Reeve, 1887-88

Eugene M. Wilson, 1885-86

George A. Brackett, 1882-84


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