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Minnetonka Yacht Club offers a full slate of racing for youth aged 8-22 years old. This great opportunity provides LMSS sailors to sharpen their skills on their home waters, in races run by MYC’s professional race staff, as well as a great training-ground for local and regional racing. 

The Minnetonka Yacht Club summer racing calendar is typically 14 weeks long and offers the most convenient and cost-effective sailing for a youth sailor. Below is a summary of events; please see the MYC schedule for dates and start times. 

Monday Youth Night: Optimist, 420 (Main/Jib only), & Laser

  • Three Races per night; pre- and post-race briefing for Opti sailors

  • Post-race briefing for 420 sailors with the fleet captains

  • Parent-chaperoned “gap-time” between LMSS camp and MYC racing

  • Grilled dinner for sailors and parents, hosted by MYC parents

  • Parent spectator boat and safety crew opportunities available 

Wednesday Night: X-Boat, 420 (Spinnaker & Trapeze), Laser, X-Boat

  • Single race followed by MYC’s Sail and Social catered dinners

  • Scow fleet crew opportunities available – contact fleet captains to coordinate sailing opportunities


Saturday & Sunday Fleet Racing: X-Boat and 420 (Spinnaker & Trapeze)

Sunday Night Junior/Senior Series: X-Boat

  • Sailed in X-Boats, this MYC tradition focuses on developing racing skills

  • Junior skippers are paired with an experienced adult sailor who crews and acts as a mentor during the races.


Laser Fleet Racing: Wayzata Bay

  • Wednesday evening Laser racing 6:30 pm, April-May (three races per evening)

  • Tuesday evening Laser racing 6:30 pm June-August (three races per evening)

  • Contact: Bruce Martinson


Adult Sailing/Racing Lessons

Offered in partnership with LMSS on Wednesday nights. Lessons include dinner at the MYC Grill & Chill.  Additional Details.


MYC Hosted Regattas

MYC typically hosts one to three major regattas every summer – a fantastic opportunity for youth sailors to crew with and learn from some of MYC’s many accomplished racing sailors. Please refer to the club schedule for more information.

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