A Scow

At 38 feet, A Scows are the largest boats on MYC. The crew of 6 (or 7 when the breeze builds) has to act in concert to keep the boat upright as they rumble across the water. On Minnetonka, you can see the A fleet mixing it up on Tuesday evenings. The A Scows also travel to Inland and National Championship regattas. In 2023, MYC is hosting A Scow Nationals! You can find more information about this class at the National Class A Scow Association website.

E Scow

E Scows are celebrating 100 years in 2023! One of the largest fleets at MYC, come watch the Es rip around the lake on Wednesday nights. These 28-foot boats need a crew of 3 or 4, and everybody stays busy when the wind builds. With fleets in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Colorado, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and Canada, the are a lot of opportunities for regatta travel in the E fleet. If you want more information, check out the National Class E Scow Association website.

C Scow

The 20-foot C Scow is one of the oldest fleets on MYC. Sailed by 2 or 3, C Scows have a strong tradition in the Midwest. C Scow fleets are scattered across the United States and Canada, and you can find more information on the National Class C Scow Association website.

MC Scow

The 16-foot MC Scow is a great single-hand boat, and it also provides opportunities to sail with 1 or 2 crew. One of the most popular scows in the United States, the MC provides year-round regattas. Find out more at the MC Sailing Association website.


Ynglings are a 21-foot one-design keelboat. An ISAF international class, Ynglings have North American and World Championships. Ynglings are a great opportunity to get into sailing at MYC, with the boats providing a stable platform and the fleet holding regular socials. Learn more about Ynglings on the US Yngling website.

Open Fleet

If you want to sail something that does not have a one-design fleet at MYC, you can race in the MYC Open Fleet. Popular boats in the Open Fleet are J22s, Ensigns, and Thistles.


Another open fleet, MYC currently has F18 and A-Class catamarans. These high-speed boats require agility and athleticism to sail. Instead of hiking out (like scow sailors), cat sailors trapeze between tacks and gybes.

X Boats

MYC's largest youth fleet, X Boats (also known as Cubs) are a great way for kids up to the age of 16 to get into Inland sailing. The X Boats race on Sunday morning and Monday evening. Find out more about X Boats on their class website.


An Olympic class, the Laser/ILCA fleet is open to youth and adults. With three different rig sizes, these boats are a great option for all ages.


Optimists or "Optis" are sailed by kids up to the age of 15. Another ISAF international class (one of only two youth international classes), Optis are a great platform for learning to sail and provide many opportunities for competitive one-design racing. Find out more on the U.S Optimist Dingy Association website.

Melges 15

Minnetonka's newest fleet, the one-design Melges 15 is a 2-person dinghy. Monday night racing Melges 15 racing is a great way to get regatta-ready. More information is available on the Melges 15 class website.


The 420 is the main 2-person dinghy for high school and college racing. MYC has 420 racing so that you can continue to hone your skills during the summer!


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