Charter Program


Over the last few years, the MYC Board of Directors has successfully implemented a charter program for a variety of scows, dinghies, and a Yngling. The fleet of boats now available are 1 X boat, 2 Melges 15s, and 1 Yngling. The mission of the Charter Program is to establish a clear path to boat ownership for MYC members, while increasing the racing membership of the Club. Those awarded a charter package will be supported by the yacht club as they learn the requirements of boat ownership. Upon completion of this program, MYC will assist the sailor in ways to find a boat to purchase. Those awarded a charter will receive a package that includes a boat, sails, lift, and place to store the boat at a MYC facility. Charter recipients must by MYC members, pay half of racing dues (or full youth racing fee), and a $250 deposit.


The sailor receiving this awarded package will be fully responsible for the following:

Return the boat, sails and lift in better condition than it was received

Sail in at least 60% of Minnetonka Yacht Club races on a regular schedule

Enter local regattas

Engage with a mentor to improve the sailing skill of the skipper and any crew

Recruit crew and provide them with exposure to the program and yacht club


Many members of MYC have volunteered to assist with the Charter Program. These mentors have committed to work with the applicant to improve their racing skills, boat ownership, and maintenance skills. As an applicant, you must reach out to a mentor and set up a schedule to meet with each other. Mentors and Charter skippers should sail at least 2 races together. It is advisable that this schedule is included with the application.

How to Apply

Fill out the application and submit it to The deadline to apply is February 15, 2023. Charter recipients will be announced by March 1, 2023. Specific questions can be directed to Chrisy Hughes at


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